.NET Developer Days 2019 – notes

A week ago I was on .NET Developer Days conference. There are lot of tips which I would like to share but I will present only a small portion of the key takeyways which subjetively seemed most intersting for me. Don’t hate me for my somewhat short explanation of topics here, the main purpose of […]

Observables and duplicated request

Problem: Some time ago I was investigating the case where data shown in one dropdown loaded almost 5 seconds. It took unacceptably long time giving that dropdown contained (no to so long) list of names. Where to start? First check – network tab. When modal was opened 4 requests was sent, 2 OPTIONS and 2 […]

From Delegate to Func

Did you ever think why anonymous functions, lambdas, Func were introduced? Maybe they are somehow connected with each other? If you are interested, read on, I tried to answer this questions below in very concise examples. Delegate In the beginning was the delegate 🙂 Think about delegate as a kind of proxy which will take […]

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