Port already in use but nothing in netstat

It was a bug I faced something like year ago, and I didn’t fixed that in the past. This time issue was exactly the same (though app was different). The problem ok let’s check whether anything is blocking the port. Let’s call netstat in cmd with admin rights: there is no service using that port… […]

.NET Developer Days 2019 – notes

A week ago I was on .NET Developer Days conference. There are lot of tips which I would like to share but I will present only a small portion of the key takeyways which subjetively seemed most intersting for me. Don’t hate me for my somewhat short explanation of topics here, the main purpose of […]

Observables and duplicated request

Problem: Some time ago I was investigating the case where data shown in one dropdown loaded almost 5 seconds. It took unacceptably long time giving that dropdown contained (no to so long) list of names. Where to start? First check – network tab. When modal was opened 4 requests was sent, 2 OPTIONS and 2 […]

Debugging ‘cannot find the file specified’ Autorest

Last time I was debugging mysterious error connected with autorest: I have to admit that message was not much of help and at first glance I needed to sit back and think where should I start to track this bug. Which rule of 9 debugging rules should I implement first. For the rest of the […]

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