Make terminal great again – Oh-my-zsh + WSL + Ubuntu

Have you ever wondered how to go from this: to this: so you can do this: Checkout following 8 steps. Prerequisities: kubectl installed Windows 10 version 22000.0 or higher windows terminal and Ubuntu (I use 20.04) installed from MS store apt-get update 1. Install Zsh 2. Install oh-my-zsh 3. Install kubectx and kubens kubectx and […]

Service lifetimes in .NET (singleton, scoped, transient)

Last time I checked the lifetimes of different types of services and want to share with you my findings. Application Having such controller: and such startup (full repo address in the end of post) I queried each endpoint (singleton, scoped, transient) two times. Here are the results: Singleton first request second request Conclusion doesn’t matter […]

Port already in use but nothing in netstat

It was a bug I faced something like year ago, and I didn’t fixed that in the past. This time issue was exactly the same (though app was different). The problem ok let’s check whether anything is blocking the port. Let’s call netstat in cmd with admin rights: there is no service using that port… […]

Debugging minikube secrets on windows

Lately I was working on implementing liveness probe in one application. During that task I was debugging minikube secrets on windows and checking why it does not work as expected. Process of setting up minikube was a little bit more complicated due to mixed environments in my system (other users were installing minikube and docker […]

9 indispensable rules of debugging

It was pretty long time ago when I read the book: Debugging: The 9 Indispensable Rules for Finding Even the Most Elusive Bugs by David J. Agans, and I am still fascinated how timeless and universal those rules are. As software engineers (and technicians in general) it is our everyday struggle to find the source […]

Installing RabbitMQ in 4 simple steps

1. Download and install Erlang While ago I spent some time installing RabbitMQ on my machine. Documentation is there but during installation you can face some problems. So to make your life easier I am sharing basic flow setup on Windows 10 system. Go to: and click the link At first go to place […]

From Delegate to Func

Did you ever think why anonymous functions, lambdas, Func were introduced? Maybe they are somehow connected with each other? If you are interested, read on, I tried to answer this questions below in very concise examples. Delegate In the beginning was the delegate 🙂 Think about delegate as a kind of proxy which will take […]

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