From Delegate to Func

Did you ever think why anonymous functions, lambdas, Func were introduced? Maybe they are somehow connected with each other? If you are interested, read on, I tried to answer this questions below in very concise examples. Delegate In the beginning was the delegate 🙂 Think about delegate as a kind of proxy which will take […]

What to look for in a code review – takeaways

Obviously, I do not need to convince anyone, that good code review is crucial part of software development. But did anyone told you how to do it properly? How do you assure that each code review which you are making includes all factors of good code review. What are those factors? I thought about those […]

Debugging ‘cannot find the file specified’ Autorest

Last time I was debugging mysterious error connected with autorest: I have to admit that message was not much of help and at first glance I needed to sit back and think where should I start to track this bug. Which rule of 9 debugging rules should I implement first. For the rest of the […]

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